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Connect Gmail and Trello together in one seamless experience with Gmello. Stop using your email as a Task Manager and send your emails straight to Trello. Add cards and make notes to any Trello board or list right from Gmail.

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// Gmail to Trello made easy, with the power of Gmello

  • Feature #1

    Seamlessly create Trello cards from your Gmail inbox. Emails become Trello cards in seconds

  • Feature #2

    Add cards to any board or list in Trello. Gmello automatically imports all of your boards and lists each time you login.

  • Feature #3

    Easy navigation from Trello back to Gmail with a direct link embedded into each Trello card. One click takes you back to your email.

  • Feature #4

    Annotate your Cards with notes or auto import the entire email into Trello. Auto-import the subject as the card name or rename it to whatever you want.

  • Feature #5

    Free your inbox from the bondage of task management by sending your emails to Trello instead of starring and flagging in Gmail.

// Testimonials

  • "Keep up the good work!"

    Josh Cramer, Recbob

  • "Just started using Gmello. So far so good!"

    Ashley Hill

  • "Huge work flow boost!"

    Tim Oguin

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